2019 UGA Performer Feedback

You already saw what the auditors had to say.
Now here’s some feedback from our amazing TPS Member performers who auditioned at this year’s 2018 Unified General Auditions.
176 of 390 auditioning performers responded to this survey.

Have you been contacted by an industry professional that saw you at the Unified General Auditions?

28% – Not yet 
72% – Yes

(Performers have been contacted for Talent Representation, Theatre Production Audition/Callback Invitations, and Play Readings.)

Is your willingness to audition dependent on knowing which organizations are in attendance?

2% – No 
98% – Yes 

Would you recommend the Unified General Auditions to other actors?

5% – No
85.5% – Yes
9.5% – No response

Selected general comments, notes, suggestions:

As always, I’m grateful for the opportunity to participate. I think it would be great if local filmmakers/film casting directors were invited to attend as well.
Thank you for offering this opportunity to audition for auditors that I wouldn’t otherwise be able to get in front of.  A “pie in the sky” request would be to see any notes or thoughts from auditors about what they see.
Going to the orientation a few weeks beforehand really helped me take notes and prepare for what was coming up. Also being able to ask questions about the process, audition pieces, and timing was very helpful. My only wish is that those auditioning could receive individualized feedback about their audition but I also know there are too many people and not enough time between those auditioning to write a lot down…but one can dream!
I chose to be in the not-quiet room so that I could warm up my voice and body and make noise.  There were several of us doing the same–all good. But eventually two women were in the room who had an interminably long, loud personal conversation about their work and lives outside of this particular audition circumstance.  It was obnoxious and distracting.  On the one hand, of course, I suppose they are “allowed” to have conversation in the “loud” room–on the other hand, I felt as though it was an abuse of the warm-up space and tone deaf to the existing vibes in the room.  The lobby seems a more appropriate place for an extended personal conversation.  Is this something that could be officially frowned-upon?  Even in the “loud” room, a loud, long personal conversation was extremely distracting.  Thanks!
I did wish more of the auditors were present when auditions began at 10. It seemed like many were still trickling in or not yet present, so I felt the audition wasn’t as useful to me as it was last year because several of the auditors I was hoping to see weren’t present yet.
I couldn’t find the audition address on the TPS website, which may have been user error, but it made me anxious. Fortunately the confirmation email had all the info; but it would be nice to have had that when determining if I could make it to the audition, since transportation is tricky sometimes.
I really appreciate all that goes into producing the UGA’s each year.  My participation helps me feel a stronger connection to everyone in our community.  I always feel like I am a stronger performer because of my participation.  I am fortunate enough to be able to afford my yearly membership dues – I hope that there are no barriers for those who cannot.  Thank you.
It would be nice if the headshots were able to be done in color – I’d pay extra to have them printed in color for the book. 🙂
More than one orientation date would have been nice. 
This was a very stress-free (minus the pre-audition jitters) experience. Shane said the hope was to not feel like a “cog in the machine”. It really felt like we were all artists coming together. Thanks for all of the hard work.
I think that, if possible, actors who are in their senior year of a BFA Acting program should be able to schedule an audition slot ahead of time instead of being put on the wait list. It can be challenging to get four credits worth of professional acting work while attending a four-year conservatory program, but that doesn’t mean we’re not ready, trained, and eager as ever to audition for professional work!
I would have LOVED the chance to work with the accompanist before the audition. Even for just five or ten minutes.
Thank you so much for a very clear, fun, professional and positive experience! The volunteers were so kind and helpful. The “what to expect” emails were great and really eased my mind on audition day. Much appreciated!

Thank you to all our wonderful performers, volunteers, and auditors who made the Unified General Auditions a success. See you next year!

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