TPS Brings Chicago Theatre Standards to Seattle community

Theatre Puget Sound brings Chicago Theatre Standards to Seattle theatre community.

TPS gathers nominations for a community coalition to build theatre standards document.

For Immediate Release

(Seattle, WA, April 8, 2019) 

THEATRE PUGET SOUND announces the opening of community nominations for individuals who will form the Seattle Theatre Standards coalition. This diverse coalition of engaged theatre community members will spend six months building a Seattle Theatre Standards document and work to help surrounding communities engage and adopt similar working principles in their own community. 

MARKETS AROUND THE NATION have been adopting similar documents in response to the #MeToo movement, which gained strong momentum via social media in October of 2017. Prior to that global spotlight, the organization Not In Our House in Chicago, IL, had formed in 2016 and by January 2017 had published the first draft of a 33-page document called the “Chicago Theatre Standards (CTS).” The CTS document is described as a tool for self-regulation in theatre spaces, and outlines in great detail “procedural preventions and potential responses to unsafe practices, with a special focus on harassment, bullying and discrimination.” Versions of the document have been adopted around the country, including Washington, D.C., and the Dallas-Fort Worth area.

THE PUGET SOUND THEATRE COMMUNITY has not been immune from instances of sexual misconduct and bullying in its local theatres. The need for agreements of this type have been discussed by community members for several years now. Theatre Puget Sound has committed its attention and resources toward making this effort a top priority. “The documents exists as a guide for self-regulation and common language for theatres of all sizes to adopt in order to create safe work environments for artists and theatre professionals. Housing this process in a service organization such as TPS allows the community an objective body to hold these sensitive conversations. It is our goal to develop a process which supports this coalition and builds trust amongst each other and among the community.” says Ariel Bradler, Executive Director of TPS. 

THE SEATTLE THEATRE STANDARDS document will be made freely and widely available to individuals and organizations in the area. Communities outside of Seattle will be supported in adjusting the document to suit their regional needs. 

TO NOMINATE yourself or someone you know, please click the button below or use this link and fill out the form:

Theatre Puget Sound is a non-profit theatre arts service organizationserving individuals and organizations across the Puget Sound region.

If you would like more information about this topic, please contact Eron Huenefeld at or 206-770-0370.

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