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Theatre Puget Sound is inviting interested members to apply to join the Member Advisory council (MAC) — a committee intended to offer members an official channel to contribute and raise concerns regarding TPS operations. 

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Theatre Puget Sound Member Advisory Council Charter

The Member Advisory Council (“MAC” or “Council”) is a committee of Theatre of Puget Sound (TPS) authorized by the TPS Board of Directors. It is established to provide TPS members an official channel to contribute to and raise any concerns regarding TPS operations.

I. Purpose

The MAC is a standing assembly of committed volunteers created to represent and empower the TPS membership in evaluating and providing feedback on TPS governance, planning, and programs. The MAC will give TPS members a direct, official voice in TPS operations.

The MAC will take a hands-on, working approach to its responsibilities, which include (but are not limited to):

  • Acting as representatives of smaller groups within the TPS member community
  • Assisting and advising the TPS Board with respect to programming or other needsexpressed by the at large membership
  • Researching and developing new programs, while implementation & budget willremain the responsibility of the TPS Staff and Board
  • Developing a structure to help harness and mobilize membership-driveninitiatives or serve other member-driven priorities
  • Outreach to other potential member organizations
  • Providing human power (or finding such) in support of TPS programming
  • Attend membership meetings or request observation of Board Meetings
  • Ensure and uphold the core values of TPSBenefits to MAC members include:
  • Ability to inform the direction of TPS in support of its membership and the greater theatre community
    Public acknowledgement of participation on the TPS website and in relevant publications
  • Invitation to VIP receptions hosted by TPS
  • Two complimentary tickets to the annual Gregory Awards

II.Relationship of MAC to TPS Board of Directors

The MAC will make recommendations and/or provide key information and materials to the TPS Executive Director and Board on matters of policy, programs, and assessment. A Board member may attend Council meetings to ensure accessibility and accountability. The MAC may nominate one of its own members to attend TPS Board meetings. Such MAC member will not have voting rights on the TPS Board of Directors. The MAC will officially represent TPS membership, with a defined constituency focus, in a fair manner. The Vice-President of TPS Board will serve as a liaison for MAC.

III. MAC Membership

Composition: The Member Advisory Council shall consist of up to fifteen (15) members and no fewer than five (5) members. Should the number drop below the minimum, the Council will be disbanded until the minimum requirement is met.

  • The initial MAC members will be selected by TPS Staff and Board from an application pool, to ensure a variety of professional and personal backgrounds. They must be active TPS members in good standing both in their year of application and through the duration of their MAC service.
  • MAC members will constitute a cross-section of the TPS community, with an equitable breakdown between freelancers, artists, and administrators from large-, medium-, and small-sized organizations and clearly defined representation focused on TPS’s primary member constituencies, representing any or all of the following disciplines, or any other theatre adjacent field or work-group not listed below:
    • Artists (Union, Non-Union, Individual, Member of Artistic Ensemble)
    • Designers (Lighting, Scene, Sound, Costume, Makeup)
    • Development/Fundraising
    • Director (Artistic, Executive, Managing)
    • Dramaturg / Literary Manager
    • Educators and Students
    • Marketing / Communications / PR o Playwright / Translator
    • Producer
    • Technician

Term: All MAC members shall serve for a period of one (1) year and may apply for another two (2) year term after their initial term. Application for new MAC members will open up once every year. The term of a MAC member may not exceed three (3) years. TPS Board and Staff shall have exclusive authority and responsibility to select MAC members.

IV. Procedural Rules

MAC Chairman: A TPS Staff member shall serve as the MAC Chairman. Chairman’s responsibilities include (but are not limited to):

  • Organizing the quarterly MAC meetings
  • Setting agendas for MAC meetings
  • Taking minutes and notes from the meetings
  • Organizing other MAC meetings or sending around announcements or other communication as requiredGuidelines: The Council will draft and adopt a set of written guidelines, or group agreements. This will serve as a living document to assist in creating structure in support of the MAC’s efforts.

Meetings: The Council will meet formally at least one time per quarter, or additionally as needed. Notice of upcoming meetings will be delivered to members at least ten days before a meeting and will be scheduled as best as possible around member schedules. Members have 48 hours to respond to the scheduling request. To remain in good standing Members must attend a minimum of three meetings in addition to volunteering a total of 15 hours per service year at TPS events.

Minutes: Minutes of each meeting will be kept. Copies will be delivered to the TPS Board, Executive Director, and Council membership within two weeks after a meeting.

Program Proposals: Council proposals will be submitted in writing to the Board no later than 7 days prior to the next Board meeting. Documents will include both suggested action and justification for suggestions. The TPS Board will respond to such recommendations/reports in writing.

Dismissal: Members who are absent without reasonable cause from two successive meetings will be considered to have resigned their seat. Members who misrepresent TPS Staff, members of the Board, or fellow members of the MAC will be dismissed. TPS Board will fill open positions promptly with alternate applicants.

Public Announcements: All announcements will go through the MAC Chair for release. While members are expected and encouraged to discuss the MAC activities and priorities within the community, members shall not report opinions expressed in meetings, nor shall they report independently on Council action, as required under the terms of their non- disclosure agreement.

PDF of the M.A.C. Charter available here: Member Advisory Council Charter

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