Staff Spotlight: Sky Darwin – Technical Director

The beloved Rex Carleton retired at the end of 2018, and Theatre Puget Sound is proud to announce our new Technical Director, Sky Darwin!

1. Who are you? 

Doer, maker, fixer, dreamer, student of life.
Jack of many trades, master of one:
Avid sailor and traveler. Storyteller, musician, songwriter.
Former mechanic/metalworker, retired professional dancer/teacher, fine woodworker, scenic carpenter, sound/scenic/lighting designer, production manager, technical director.
Journeyman’s Degree in Automotive Diagnoses/Repair and a B.A. in Dance with a minor in literature and sports medicine.


2. Where are you from?

Born in California to hippie parents, mostly raised on the road and in backwoods coastal Oregon. 

3. What will you be doing at TPS?

Day to day facilities and event management while keeping the spirit and feel of the performing arts valued and supported.


4. What’s your relationship to theatre?

Found it by accident and it saved me from a bleak and dull life. Have been paying it back ever since.

5. What are you looking forward to in this job?

Creating a mentor-ship program for younger folks who want to get into technical theater. I miss teaching very much. (More on this program to be announced soon!)


6. What’s the last play you saw?

Recently designed/built set, sound and lights for a friends original play which was a contemporary riff on Breakfast at Tiffany’s. It was really fun to back up the energy of the piece with subtle design decisions.


7. If you were an animal, what would you be and why? 
Because they sing and dance while going about their lives. 

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