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Job Description: Technical Facilities Manager

Part time, Non-exempt | Reports to: Executive Director | Location: Seattle Center Compensation: $23/hour, 30 hours per week.

Theatre Puget Sound (TPS) is a leadership and service organization founded in 1997 which advocates for the region’s growing theatre community and administers much-needed services to the members. As part of the mission to foster and advocate for a robust and equitable theatre community, TPS supports 7 rehearsal rooms and 3 performance venues in partnership with the Seattle Center Armory.


The organization is currently seeking a Technical Facility Manager, a position that supports both regular facility maintenance projects while also serving as technical director for the performance spaces. This position will work in tandem with Seattle Center Staff in order to ensure regular maintenance and upkeep of all spaces and equipment. The ideal candidate will have knowledge of both regular facility maintenance processes as well as understanding of technical theatrical equipment. The ability to project manage and support individual productions within the TPS performance spaces is also a plus.


This position is split into two categories of need. While we hope to have one individual fulfill this position, individuals with direct experience in only once category may apply. Hours will be split accordingly between two entities, if necessary.


  • Manage and maintain all non-production related facility infrastructure, assets, systems and fixtures
    • “Non-Production” facility systems include management of facilities which are not related to the technical theatre production needs. This excludes theatrical production specific facility matters, technical production equipment, systems, and assets (sound, lights, intercom systems, etc)
    • “Infrastructure” includes: Electrical, plumbing, mechanical, fixtures, floors, walls, doors, windows, fire extinguishers, and exit/safety lighting
    • “Assets” include: Furniture, appliances, pianos, carts and dollies, fans, portable lighting, tools, studio specific items and equipment (including rehearsal cubes, screens, blackboards, storage cabinets, fans, bulletin and white boards, cleaning tools, drapes and mirrors).
  • Manage and maintain facility wide garbage management, coordination of cleaning schedule with Seattle Center custodians, general cleaning
  • Plan, supervise and conduct special facility/asset development projects (floor refinish or replacement, lighting fixture maintenance, etc.)
  • Maintain inventory of TPS provided facility supplies including research of alternatives as needed.
  • Replenish supplies as needed, to include: facility light bulbs, cleaning equipment and supplies, dressing room supplies such as paper towels, toilet paper and hand soap.
  • Ensure compliance with all fire and life safety requirements and regulations
  • Serve as the primary contact and liaison for all facility maintenance/development activities undertaken by Seattle Center crews and other personnel.


  • Manage and maintain all production related assets, systems and fixtures in three performance venues including lights, sound, etc.
  • Oversee, coordinate and support the activities of all production companies/clients in all three venues
    • Assess, troubleshoot and resolve issues with facility, equipment and systems during client production tech and performance
    • Provide training and guidance on use of venue systems and equipment as needed
    • Enforce “House Rules” on use of facility, systems and equipment by all clients
    • May include production specific tasks or support, as required/requested, including: design, construction, lighting, sound, projections and show operation.
  • Maintain performance facility, equipment and systems in production ready condition
    • Conduct routine and regular maintenance and repair of performance facilities, systems and equipment including: lighting dimming and control and distribution; lighting fixtures; sound equipment and systems, intercom equipment and systems, monitor (audio and video) equipment and systems, projection equipment and systems.
  • Maintain inventory of TPS provided production supplies. Research and purchase supplies as needed including: lighting fixture lamps; lighting fixture parts and repair supplies; lighting cables; sound adaptors and cable; projector lamps, adaptors and cable; expendable goods (tape, hardware, solvents, etc.)
  • Plan, supervise and conduct special infrastructure/system/asset development projects
  • Provide technical support for TPS managed/sponsored events in venues and rehearsal studios
  • Serve as Production Manager/Technical Director/Designer for the TPS stage at Bumbershoot and any other TPS sponsored production activities
  • Serve as primary contact for priority clients in order to ensure efficient transitions between productions
  • Serve as primary contact for Seattle Center Staff for projects, emergency management, or other performance related matters

Please send resumes and cover letters to

TPS values a diverse workforce and inclusive culture. We are committed to diversity in all areas of our work and encourage applications from all qualified individuals without regard to race, ethnicity, religion, gender identity or expression, sexual orientation, age, national origin, citizenship, disability, and/or veteran status. We strongly encourage those from groups not normally represented, to apply.

PDF of Job Listing: Technical Facility Manager Position

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