Board of Directors Official Statement & How to Get Involved


April 27, 2017


As the Board of Directors for Theatre Puget Sound, it is our mandate – and our desire – to ensure that every member remains a well-informed and respected part of the decision making process that helps our organization thrive.

Recent staff changes have unfolded in a manner that has created uncertainty and undue stress for all TPS stakeholders.  As the Board of Directors, we sincerely regret any perceived gap between our desires and our achievements in serving you, our members, as well as the frustration you have experienced. We are united in our efforts to serve you better as we all move forward together.

Tonight, we met with members in a public forum to provide clarity by sharing facts and inviting honest, transparent discussion. Information distributed at that meeting regarding our current status, as well as opportunities for service on the Executive Director Search Committee and the renewed Membership Advisory Committee, is now available on the TPS website. We welcome your participation in these, and other, initiatives.

Theatre Puget Sound is no more and no less than the entirety of its membership and the community it serves. It is increasingly clear to all of us that our members are engaged and passionate about our mission and purpose. Thank you for your continued support and enthusiasm as we work toward a strong future for our shared theater community.

Notes will be posted next week.  If you’re interested in joining the Membership Advisory Council or Volunteer Board, please email








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