TPS Announces Change in Leadership

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Theatre Puget Sound Announces Change in Leadership

SEATTLE, Washington, December 7, 2016 – Theatre Puget Sound (TPS) is entering a period of leadership transition. Longtime Executive Director Karen Lane, who has been with the organization almost from its founding, is no longer with TPS as of November 30, 2016.

In announcing this change, Board President Karen Lund says, “We are extremely grateful for the seventeen years of service provided by Karen Lane, and we wish her nothing but success in her future endeavors.”

Founded in 1997 to advocate for the region’s growing theatre community’s causes and administer much-needed services for artists, TPS has become a Northwest leader in arts advocacy, programming, and services that benefit both the theatre community and the larger regional arts community and now represents more than 1800 individual and 145 organizational members across the region’s performing arts sector.

To guide this organizational change, the TPS Board has appointed a subcommittee led by Tony Beeman and Agastya Kohli. Additionally, the Board has tapped Deputy Director Zhenya Lavy, whose affiliation with TPS began in March 2000 and has included serving as a contractor for grants and special projects, will serve in the role of Interim Executive Director.

TPS serves a twofold mission: To promote the spiritual and economic necessity of theatre to the public, and to unify and strengthen the theatre community through programs, resources, and services. That mission and TPS’s goals, and our strategic vision remain as vitally important to our community as ever, and the TPS office stands ready to serve its members, member theatres, and the greater Seattle Arts community.


Tony Beeman –
TPS Board Secretary and Transition Committee

Agastya Kohli –
TPS Board Member and Transition Committee


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