Piano Repair & Maintenance Fund Campaign

Did you know? TPS has TEN pianos in our rehearsal and performance spaces!

These pianos are used by members and facility clients on a daily basis and as anybody who has ever laid hands on them can attest, they are ALL in dire need of restoration, repair, and regulation. Repair and/or replacement of our pianos is one of the most frequent requests we receive.

TPS Piano Repair & Maintenance Fund Campaign from Theatre Puget Sound on Vimeo.

And we’re taking action now! This is what TPS needs your help to do.

  1. Restore the inner parts of the piano. Work on the action includes replacing missing parts.
  2. Repair and reinforce the exterior cabinetry. These pianos have taken a lot of abuse!
  3. Once the pianos are in usable condition, we will regulate them on a routine schedule, with tuning and other regular care.

And thanks to ingenious scheduling by TPS Technical Director Rex Carleton and piano technician Mike Gill, we are able to complete this work without ever having a studio absent a piano—and we’ll proceed one piano at a time as quickly as funds are raised. Every donation to our Piano Repair & Maintenance Fund Campaign will be put toward this work so we may provide you, our valued clients and members, with quality resources to create your art.

We have a set a goal of $6,000 to be raised between now and the end of the year for the restoration, repair, and regulation project. 

We’ve already started on the Yamaha in Studio D. If you rehearse in there, try it out and hear the difference!

Once we have raised the initial $6,000, we will push toward our STRETCH goal of $13,000. The additional $7,000 will be enough to purchase 1 to 2 new-to-us pianos in good condition, to replace some of the worse-off pianos.

Join us as we kick off our long-waited Piano Repair & Maintenance Fund Campaign on Giving Tuesday, November 29, 2016.

Donate here to our Generosity campaign. But remember! November 29 is only the beginning! You can donate from now until the end of the year toward to the TPS Piano & Maintenance Repair Fund. Please include this worthy and much-requested cause in your end-of-year giving plans.

On behalf of all the pianists and vocalists and musicians who count on our studios for their musical rehearsals, TPS thanks you!


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