Diversity Highlight: (Miss) Fortune Has Green Eyes

New to Seattle, Brown Soul Productions develops and produces new work by women of color

Brown Soul Productions features a new play about remorse, redemption, and family by Alma Davenport, Artistic Producing Director, called (Miss) Fortune Has Green Eyes, directed by Sandra L. Holloway.

(Miss) Fortune Has Green Eyes tells the story of a recovering alcoholic, who wins the lottery. His world begins to crumble under the greed of those around him, while his eldest daughter struggles to put hers together. What happens when remorse is not enough and money cannot buy redemption?

One of the goals of Brown Soul Productions, founded by two sisters, is to tell the stories of women who society may not always to get to hear from. They also wish to build an audience and relationships with other theatre makers in Seattle. Their inaugural production will occur in TPS’s Theatre4, a black box incubator performance on the 4th floor of the Armory, 9/16-18 and 9/23-25 at 7:30 p.m. Click here for tickets.

“Work ing on any Alma Davenport piece is like being able to exhale. She pulls you into a world of richly drawn people, who are so human, beautiful and complex . She tells their stories so masterfully and without prejudice… it’s just so satisfying.” Director Sandra L. Holloway

(Miss) Fortune Has Green Eyes will be presented in strategic partnership with Northwest Family Life, an organization that educates and assists individuals and families in finding hope and healing when facing the pain of domestic violence. A portion of the proceeds of the production will be donated to NW Family Life.

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