Health Insurance Workshop with Cindy Hagen


Health Insurance: 

How do I get it? Why do I need it?
Do I even to think about it?

This post includes the materials provided at the workshop.

We hosted a free to TPS members workshop geared to help you as individual artists make informed decisions about your healthcare. We will schedule another workshop closer to open enrollment period, in October 2016.

Cindy Hagen of Hagen Insurance Partners talked us through the ins and outs of health insurance:

• Who pays for it?
• What is it?
• Where do you find it?
• When can you get it?
• Why should you have it?
• How do you use it?

We covered questions regarding healthcare and learn about the following topics:

• Group vs. Individual insurance
• Health insurance policy types
• How an Agent can help you
• Open enrollment and special enrollment periods
• The Washington State Health Plan Finder


We’ve worked with Cindy for the last few years and she has been fabulous. We have a small staff, and all sorts of different needs—those of us who want healthcare through work, those who don’t, those with partners, etc.—and she is always fantastic at helping us problem-solve in a smart and efficient way. Plus she is really nice, which in this world helps.

Andrew Russell, Artistic Director, Intiman Theatre Festival


Slideshow Presentation

Special Enrollment Period Fact Sheet

Healthcare Flow Chart TPS Seminar 2016

TPS Health Insurance Resources

Metal Level_Guide

Lower Costs Fact Sheet

Essential Health Benefits


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