Independent Contractor vs. Employee Workshop

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This post includes the materials provided at the workshop.

A battle royale you CAN win

Join Karen Lane as she talks you through the differences between independent contractor and employee. Valuable for nonprofit arts organization administrators and individual artists alike.

Nonprofit arts organizations: Have you ever found yourself stuck in determining how to pay those who provide you services? Are they employees? Are they independent contractors? Which structure better benefits your organization and its resources?

Artists: Do you know whether to file as an independent contractor or employee? Are you interested to learn how to protect the businesses you work for in the event of a payroll audit? Do you know how to file as a sole proprietor for your creative work?

Informational Packet Cover Sheet

Comparative List from

“Checklist” from Employment Security Development Auditor

Useful IRS web links

Washington State Business License Application

WAC 192-310-080 “When are performers…” and RCW 50.04.275 “Employment—Small performing arts”

Independent Contractor Template (pdf)

Independent Contractor Template (Word doc)

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