Arts Advocacy Platforms

We want you to know about our arts advocacy platforms at the state and national levels! Executive Director Karen Lane serves an arts advocate on behalf of TPS and Washington State Arts Alliance (WSSA). As a Board Member of WSSA, Karen is working to bolster a statewide arts agenda in Olympia. If you would also like to see a stronger statewide arts agenda or would just like more information about how you can get involved, contact us at

On February 10, Karen attended Arts & Heritage Day in Olympia, WA. She spoke with legislators in our state capital about designating a creative arts district and increasing the physical presence of art in higher education buildings.

Arts and Heritage Day Talking Points

Karen also attended Arts Advocacy Day in Washington, D.C. She currently serves as State Captain in collaboration with Americans for the Arts. On March 8, she spoke with the offices of Senator Patty Murray and other legislators to raise awareness of funding and sponsorship issues for education, veterans, and more.

Arts Advocacy Day – Summary of Congressional Requests

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