Meet the newest additions to the TPS Staff! Executive/Development Associate and Member Liaison

TPS is honored to welcome its two newest full-time staff members to serve the organization in matters of executive organization, development, membership, and marketing:

Chelsea DuVall and Catherine Blake Smith

Chelsea DuVall - Photo by Julia Marcus

Chelsea DuVall – Photo by Julia Marcus

“No artist is pleased. There is no satisfaction whatever at any time. There is only a queer, divine dissatisfaction; a blessed unrest that keeps us marching and makes us more alive than the others.” – Martha Graham


I am Chelsea DuVall, your new Executive and Development Associate for Theatre Puget Sound. Having spent a month (+) at TPS, I am happy diving into arts administration, and supporting the creative communities in Seattle through the organization. I was drawn to apply to the position(s) at TPS due to the spirit of its mission, reputation, services offered to the arts community, and for the potential of expansion and growth within the organization. I come to TPS with a willingness to learn, listen, support, and share ideas which may help progress TPS and its place within the greater Seattle arts community.

I recently relocated to Seattle after completing my Masters in Fine Arts in Acting, and studies in Playwriting at the California Institute of the Arts (CalArts). In summer/fall 2015, I participated in the Edinburgh Fringe Festival and an artist residency in Berlin for the development of a new play. I possess a passionate dedication and enthusiasm for the development of new work, and collaborative, experimental theatre. Seattle caught my attention due to the exciting work happening in theatre, particularly in the development of new work. Creatively I work as a “theatre-maker,” engaging as a performer, writer and producer. CalArts produces strong, diverse, multidisciplinary artists, and I am excited to exercise these tools through creative work here in Seattle, and in my work with TPS.

Being new to Seattle, I am eager to immerse myself in the Seattle theatre community, familiarize myself with the artists and art-making here in this city, and

become a contributor. Feel free to reach out to me for support, or to make yourself familiar. I feel grateful to be living in such a wonderful city that contains such a rich artistic community – I cannot wait to meet and work with, the many wonderful artists (YOU) and companies that contribute to this beautiful creative climate.

With gratitude,

Chelsea DuVall

TPS Executive & Development Associate

For questions regarding executive operations and development, email or call Chelsea at (206) 770-0370 ext. 108.


Catherine Blake Smith - Photo by Adam Boender

Catherine Blake Smith – Photo by Adam Boender

I’m Catherine Blake Smith, and I am serving as your new Member Liaison at Theatre Puget Sound. I am excited to jump into fulfilling this position that was specifically created to serve the TPS member base, to serve you. As an organization, TPS is committed to deepening the spirit and strength of the Seattle theatre community through its programming and resources. I look forward to supporting the existing programs and resources with my colleagues, in addition to expanding programming and establishing new resources that will serve your needs.

Currently I am involved in the theatre community primarily through Annex Theatre in Capitol Hill. There I am an Artistic Associate: I am directly involved in the day-to-day operations of our company, I production manage, direct, and write, and I produce Spin the Bottle, Seattle’s longest-running cabaret. Annex solely produces new work, which means I am constantly exposed to incoming and long-standing members of our rich and vibrant theatre community. I am honored to have the opportunity to guide and work alongside these folks, many of whom I know to be TPS members current and past, so it is to guide and work alongside you.

I am eager to deepen my engagement with the Seattle theatre community by being your primary point of contact. Please reach out to me with your questions, concerns, and needs regarding TPS membership by email, over the phone, or even in person at our office located in the Seattle Center. I am committed to creating and maintaining strong avenues of communication by listening to and learning about you as individuals and as the lifeblood of our favorite theatre community organization, Theatre Puget Sound.

Let’s do this,

Catherine Blake Smith

For questions regarding your membership (benefits, how to register, networking and programming) email or call Catherine at (206) 770-0370 ext. 105.


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