The Gregory Awards – Everything You Need to Know!

Hello, TPS Members –


We are hard at work here at Theatre Puget Sound preparing host the 2015 Gregory Awards on Monday, October 26th!

Every year, we gather to celebrate outstanding theatre in our region and we want you to know all about the process. Read on to learn how recipients at The Gregory Awards are selected, and be sure to check out our website for more information!

What are The Gregory Awards?

The Gregory Awards began in 1998 as the Gregory A. Falls Sustained Achievement Award, honoring individuals who spent much of their careers strengthening theatre in our region. In 2006, TPS expanded the program to include awards honoring outstanding achievements in a multitude of categories and invited the community to join the celebration at the first annual Gregory Awards!

The Gregory Awards are designed to:

  • Present an opportunity to come together and celebrate theatre in our region.
  • Honor the outstanding achievements of our theatre practitioners.
  • Raise the visibility of local theatre as a whole.

Who can be nominated for a Gregory Award?

  • Productions honored by Gregory Awards are created by active TPS Organization members and local artists of every discipline. Organizations submit productions for consideration, and are assigned Nominators who view and respond to the work.

How are recipients determined?

Here is where YOU come in!

  • Annually, TPS selects 60-80 nominators from a wide pool of applicants. These nominators are not required to be active TPS members, but must demonstrate a strong interest and critical eye for theatre performance.
  • Every production submitted for consideration is assigned 8-10 Nominators who view and provide feedback on a variety of theatre created in fringe spaces and on Seattle’s largest stages.
  • Nominators rank the production in various categories on a scale of 1-100. At the end of the season, the top ranking 4-5 in each category become the nominees for each individual award.
  • Following the announcement of the nominees, Nominators are given the opportunity to submit their choices for a “People’s Choice” nominee in select categories.
  • Once nominees are finalized, TPS Members vote and determine a recipient in each category.
  • Recipients are announced at our annual Gregory Awards!

What are the Categories?

Actress (Musical) Actress Supporting Actress Supporting Actress (Musical)
Actor (Musical) Actor Supporting Actor (Musical) Supporting Actor
Choreography Director Production Costume Design
Lighting Design Music or Sound Design Scenic Design New Play

And of course…

Theatre of the Year!

How do I get involved?

Help TPS recognize outstanding local work while experiencing a wide range of theatre in our region.

Lend your voice to the conversation.

Celebrate with your community at the 2015 Gregory Awards.

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