July 2014 Community Gathering Notes- Perf. Artists of Color & Multi-cultural Producers

In July we listened to Performing Artists of Color and Multi-Cultural Producers.  We again followed the same 3-question structure: what the ideal, what exists and what the obstacles for teaching artists in Seattle. Please review, expand and comment, whether you were able to join us or not.


Question 1- What does the ideal community look like?

                -stage work reflective of the community

                -geographic presenting diversity (beyond Seattle)

                -audience diversity (mainstream & ethnic)

                -on stage diversity

                -open-mindedness to non-traditional artists, admin & production team

                -a black Hamlet/ Korean Ophelia

                -presenting Orgs with an institutional awareness of structural racism: creates authenticity

                -spirit of active invitation-stated

                -Multiculturalism vs. just black/white

                -Genuine community inclusivity

                -Awareness of diversity within diversity (spectrum of mixed race)


Question 2 – What resources exist?

                –Marketing Directors (if decided- ?)

                – CD forum                                                            -Kultura Arts

                -Brownbox                                                            -labor unions

                -Latino Theatre Projects                                     -women’s orgs

                -Mirror Stage                                                        -Pradithwani

                -SIS Productions                                                  -Community arts create (NP)

                -neighborhood papers                                       -ese Teatro

                -multicultural papers                                           -UW of King County project lead (listserv?)

                -Immigrant                                                            -UW Ethnic Cultural Center

                -Shunpike                                                             -History/ DB collection—Wish List-Film Industry          

                -Artists Trust                                                          -SIFF, NWFF, NW Asian Am. Thr

                -OAC/ Office for Civil Rights

                – 4 Culture

                -Race & Social Justice Initiative

                -Meet-up Groups-special interest groups

                -Seattle People of Color Salon

                -La Salsa

                -listserv- Asian American Theatre Review/ sapaag@yahoo groups

Question 3- What are the obstacles to the ideal community?

                -knowing where to find answers

                -white privilege & white fragility

                -white institutions with white art & artists

                -lack of authenticity in effort – opportunity –internships—mentorships

                -lack of understanding of other factors —like socioeconomic or political

                -lack of clear pathways for careers

                -lack of ethnic directors & Ads

                -smaller multi-cultural companies being ethnic centric

                -definitions of ‘classical’

                -theatres that don’t even think it’s their ‘job’ to promote multiculturalism—lack of

                                responsibility—way of thinking

                -Seattle progressive patting on back


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