What are Meet ‘n’ Greets, and Why Does TPS Keep Asking The Same Questions?

Theatre Puget Sound is committed to ensuring everyone’s voice is heard as we develop and revise programming to strengthen our performance community. While the Meet ‘n’ Greet provides a wonderful opportunity to network, we have devised these gatherings to listen to professional subgroups within our membership base, especially those who may not have a large representation in the membership. Our purpose is greater than simply introducing you to staff and other members; it is to learn about service needs of specific artistic practice areas.

And so, we have strategized a monthly schedule for meeting with members who identify with very specific disciplinary subgroups so we can hear what matters to you – and we are intentionally asking each gathering the same series of questions. We listen. We document what is said. And we will synthesize all the information gathered to form the basis to develop a strategy for how TPS can more fully address the needs of our entire community, in the most productive manner possible, on limited resources.

Can you attend a Meet ‘n’ Greet even if you don’t primarily identify as a member of the professional subgroup? Absolutely! We welcome everyone who wants to come share a drink and network. Please understand that when the programmed part of the evening begins, we will be interested in hearing from the specific perspective of the scheduled professional subgroup.

Karen Lane

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