Applications Needed for 2014 TPS Bumbershoot Stage


Applications are due February 28  


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Bumbershoot AppsThe Center Theatre/Carleton Playhouse at Seattle Center will host three exceptional days of regional theater co-curated by Theatre Puget Sound (TPS). TPS nurtures a healthy and vibrant theatre community, strives to develop strong ties among the region’s theatre professionals and raises visibility of this region’s theatre scene at the local, national and international levels.


What We’re Looking For

  • Theatrical presentations 30–75 minutes long
  • Suggested performance types: late night shows, season showcase performances, solo shows, puppet theatre, cabaret, theatrical comedy and youth-oriented shows
  • Performances that will captivate a pop culture-savvy festival audience, many of whom will not have previous exposure to the art form
  • Fun, daring, spectacular, truly exciting performance


Please note that the TPS Stage at Bumbershoot performances are presented in a festival format. Each company will be given up to six hours for technical and dress rehearsals prior to the festival. During the festival, the turnaround time between shows is limited to 30 minutes. All companies are encouraged to assist production management in accomplishing efficient changeovers between shows.


For reference, last year’s performances were:

Owl & Pussycat (theater simple) – “Physical, funny, punny and a great chance for audience participation of all ages, Owl & Pussycat continues in the Theater Simple tradition of serving up the sharp, snappy humor parents hope for and the goofy fun kids like.”

Audrey & Nelson – A Puppet Sex Musical (Annex Theatre) – “Audrey & Nelson is a puppet sex musical. That pretty much sums it up right there—puppets singing about and having sex.”

A Swashbuckling Spectacular (Performers’ Forge) – “A theatrical representation of violence with scenes varying from the historically accurate to the wildly inappropriate. Performers exhibit an array of scenes utilizing a multitude of weapons (both real and imaginary) within a diverse spectrum of styles, including comedic slapstick, period drama, and pop culture realism.”

NERDprov“NERDprov crosses the streams of geek culture and comedic improvisation, causing total protonic reversal—not to mention an amazing show!Audiences shout out their favorite geeky references (shows, movies, comics, music, games, you name it) and watch in wonder as the ensemble’s sharp minds and superpowers bring them to life.”

Weird & Awesome with Emmett Montgomery – “Each show features brilliant people doing things outside of their comfort zones or the things they are really good at. Prizes are won! Friends are made! Nightmares are shared and joy is experienced!”

Impromptu (Unexpected Productions) – “Veteran comedy improvisers who also play at least one instrument, crafting fully realized musical pieces on the spot and before your eyes.”

My Last Year With the Nuns“Master monologist Matt Smith turns his 8th grade year in 1966–67 into a wild coming-of-age comedy—a comedy grounded in his Catholic education, racism, and the joys and horrors that are male adolescence.”




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