Request for Proposals: Playhouse Theatre at Seattle Center

The City of Seattle, through its Seattle Center Department, invites proposals to enter into a long term lease of the Seattle Center Playhouse Theatre (also known as the Intiman Theatre) on the Seattle Center campus. Through this Request for Proposals (RFP) process the City is seeking prospective tenants that support and further Seattle Center’s vision and mission.

The City will evaluate proposals in the context of two primary goals:
  • One goal will be to secure a financially stable tenant that will effectively manage, operate and maintain the Playhouse facility.
  • The second goal will be to use the facility to support and foster the presentation of artistic and/or cultural activities in Seattle.
It is hoped that the successful proposer will fulfill the practical need for a tenant that can assume financial responsibility for the Playhouse and the aspirational desire to foster the growth and development of arts and culture in the region. The City requests that proposers craft creative proposals that address their needs while considering the City’s goals.

Today Seattle Center issued an invitation for proposals, called a Request for Proposals (RFP), for lease of the Playhouse.  In addition to the 446 seat auditorium and rehearsal hall, the facility includes lobbies, a large meeting/rehearsal room, a workshop and a variety of support spaces.  A limited inventory of sound, lighting and stage equipment will be included with the building.   The City is asking proposers to think creatively, developing proposals that address their needs while considering the City’s goals of securing a financially stable tenant and supporting and fostering the presentation of artistic and/or cultural activities in Seattle.  The proposal are due to Seattle Center by July 13, 2012, with the theatre available for occupancy January 1, 2013.

The attached RFP explains how proposals should be submitted and how they will be evaluated.

Please feel free to share the RFP with any people or organizations you think might be interested.

Playhouse RFP (3MB PDF)

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