Volunteers Needed for Spring Cleaning! Friday April 20

Room E, prior to paintjob

It’s that time again…

If you’re involved in the arts in the Puget Sound region, you’ve probably used our rehearsal rooms on the 4th floor of the Seattle Center House. 6 rooms each at least 850 sq. ft. and at a rate lower than market value. Every day we see auditions, rehearsals, meetings, dancers, musicians, filmmakers, clowns; every type of artist has played in our rooms.

Unfortunately, this large an amount of artist love tends to bring quite a bit of cosmetic damage to our rooms. The broken and damaged elements of our rooms have perpetuated a culture that was not intended. Renters have not felt a need to completely clean up after themselves because it wasn’t clean when they got there, and the cycle continues. Our small staff has been unable to maintain the quality we would like to see in our rooms.

You can help our effort to have rooms that look clean, which in turn encourages our renters to keep it that way.

Give our rehearsal rooms some love!  April 20, 10am-5pm

Spring Cleaning

refreshments and sugary treats provided

We’ll meet at the TPS office on the 4th floor of the Seattle Center House, and we’ll be going through Rooms B, C, D, E, G, and I.  Sweeping and mopping floors, cleaning mirrors, windows and more fun things you wish you could do more often! You can finally scrub that spot that’s been grossing you out at every rehearsal!

Cleaning equipment provided.  Though if you have your own favorite cleaning tools, please feel free to bring them.

This is a volunteer effort and we intend to thank those who spend their time helping us pretty up our spaces.  We are offering a couple hours of rehearsal time or points towards a new Priority Volunteer system so you can be first on the list for Bumbershoot or Gregory volunteer slots.

please RSVP to marianna@tpsonline.org!

Note: If you can’t make it that day but still would like to help, I won’t say no!  Let me know available times and I may be able to find a different date for you.

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