Passing of Jessica Goldstein

Theatre Puget Sound was saddened to hear Jessica Marlowe Goldstein King passed away this morning after a long fight with cancer.  Susy Schneider, a founding member of TPS, wrote this on Jessica’s passing:

Jess passed away early this morning at her home in New York after a valiant fight with an extremely aggressive and deadly cancer.  With her were family including her beloved husband Brian and their son Jonah.  Her life in art was diversified, rich and full and I can offer only a fragment of it.  Again, I hope you will find a way to present a fuller description of this most amazing human being but here are some items from my personal store of memories.

Having studied with  Sanford Meisner, I consider Jessica one of the finest and most effective practitioners of the Meisner technique there was; she taught its pure form with great passion, devotion and integrity.   She taught acting to hundreds of people at Freehold and beyond and held popular audition clinics where she often matched students to monologues from the hundreds of plays lining her office with uncanny accuracy.

As an actress, she was a commanding presence and wonderful to work with (Scotland Road, the Empty Space, 1996).   Offstage, she was one of the funniest people in the world with  her New York edge (including hilarious mock-Yiddish delivered in an old cocker’s voice);  she was just so specific she could nail a situation or a personality with absolutely le mot juste.  Jessica never made a big deal of it, but she was also a great, great beauty with the most arresting face and blazing, penetrating eyes.   Her voice was amazing, powerful and deep it would gather into a huge rolling laugh that was worth being funny for.

What always amazed me was her generosity, her ability to accept people as they were and her boundless boundless capacity to love.   Susy Schneider

We also received this message from her husband Brian King:

As per her wishes, there will be no funeral or religious gathering. The family is planning a memorial here in Pomona later this month. Our house will be open for the next couple days to receive friends and relatives.

Jess passed away comfortably, with her family by her bedside, after a long struggle. I held her hand, and we were all able to whisper our goodbyes and loving thoughts.

Our son Jonah is on top of the situation, and seems to be handling it well, although more tears will come and he will grieve in his own way as we move through this tragedy.

My eternal gratitude goes out to the doctors, therapists, close friends and relatives, and the hospice members who have provided such strong support and wise counsel to Jessica and our family since the very onset of our troubles.

Our very best to you all, in love and in life.

Brian King

We’d love for you to share any stories or memories you may have had with Jessica.

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