Info needed on 1959 play

I received an interested inquiry today. Can you help?

I acquired a poster of the Cirque Playhouse 1959 production, Arthur Miller “A View From the Bridge” from a family friend that had hung in their house for over 50 years.  I was interested in the cast and how it went back in the day when this was performed at the Cirque Playhouse then located on Union Street, in Seattle.

Kindly put me in contact with anyone who might remember this performance or has any information about it.  I found Seattle Times articles dated September/October 1959.

Please see following cast noted in Seatte Times articles of 1959.

Rita Moreno – Catherine Carbone
Gene Keene – Eddie Carbone
Marie Louise Dietrichson – Beatrice
Burke Rhind – Rudolpho
Michael Osker – Marco
Lloyd Allen – Arthur Miller narrator

Kindly let me know either way if you have any information or anyone you can refer me to.

Many Thanks, Perry

A google search provides this page with more information on the Cirque Playhouse.  Anyone have any connections to this?  We’d love to hear it!  Email me or leave your comments below.

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