Call for Volunteers: Arts Crush 2011

Earn a free year of TPS membership: Be a Volunteer for ArtsCrush!

Hello TPS friends!

You’ve spent months working on a performance. You’ve written, rehearsed, choreographed, lit, designed, scored, and teched your show, honing it into the best possible version of the vision in your head. Your emotions, your time, your sweat and your hard work have gone into the making of your artistry. You have something to share and you’ve brought it into existence. Then, on the day of your show, the nightmare happens and nobody shows up…

Sound terrible, doesn’t it? But! YOU can help make sure that our region’s audiences are ready, raring, and excited to become a part of the arts in the Puget Sound while at the same time ensure that anybody looking to hire an artist like yourself knows how to find you…

Arts Crush 2011 is getting off the ground and we are looking to bring you in on the most important part!

We are looking for some extraordinary volunteers to help us market Arts Crush, distribute our booklets, flyers and posters, and help usher the Kick-Off Fair. Earn a full year of TPS membership in return! Like every part of the arts the most important part of the alchemy of performing is the audience. YOU can help improve the number of new audience members that will come see art in the Puget Sound!

That’s right! You!

Please respond to to inquire and/or to sign up.

Because if nobody knows about it nobody can come…

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