List of Theatres Honoring Intiman Tickets

Intiman’s closure has left many ticketholders wondering what will happen with their purchase since the theatre will be unable to give refunds.  Thankfully, many other local theatres have stepped up saying they will honor Intiman tickets as admission to their own shows.  Here is a list of companies that will honor your Intiman ticket:

Intiman patrons are welcome to contact the Ticket Office of any of the organizations on the day of the performance you are interested in attending to reserve seats on that same day. Please note that you do not have to limit your options based on the date that you were supposed to attend an Intiman production. At the time of reservation, your seats are guaranteed and locations will be determined based on availability. To redeem your tickets, please arrive 30 minutes prior to performance and present your Intiman tickets at the Ticket Office. If you are an “E-Subscriber” and do not have paper tickets, please bring your detailed receipt for proof-of-purchase. This offer may vary for specific performances at select partner organizations.  Intiman patrons are advised to check for additional information on individual websites for any amendments to this practice.  This offer will be available through November, 2011.

5th Avenue 206.625.1900
ACT Theatre 206.292.7676
Annex Theatre 206.728.0933
Arts West 206.938.0339
Book-It 206.216.0833
New Century Theatre Company NA
On the Boards 206.217.9888
Pacific Northwest Ballet 206.441.2424
Seattle Children’s Theatre 206.441.3322
Seattle Men’s/Women’s Chorus 206.388.1400
Seattle Public Theater 206.524.1300
Seattle Repertory Theatre 206.443.2222
Seattle Shakespeare Company 206.733.8222
Seattle Theatre Group** 206.682.1414
Strawberry Theatre Workshop 206.427.5207
Taproot Theatre 206.781.9707
Washington Ensemble Theatre 206.325.5105

Update: Intiman has put an official list up on their website.  There are a few organizations not on the list that have said they will honor Intiman tickets:

Are we missing any?  Please comment below!

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