2011 TPS Unified General Auditions: Feb 21-24

Theatre Puget Sound (TPS) is now accepting actor applications for the 2011 Unified General Auditions.  The UGAs are an annual event allowing actors to audition in front of 40-50 local theatre groups, agencies, and independent directors.  Applications will be accepted until February 4th.

To apply:

  • Ensure your headshot and resume are uploaded to your profile.
  • Login to your TPS account and click on the application link: http://tpsonline.org//talent/index.php?action=members_application
  • Fill out the application and hit ‘submit.’
  • In order to accommodate as many schedules as possible, scheduling will not be announced until February.

Changes for 2011


For the first time, TPS is not accepting physical headshots.  Instead, applicants will be required to have their headshot and resume on their profile.  We will then print out daily “headshot booklets” for auditors.  There is a $10 fee to help offset our printing costs.  While this is a drastic change, we felt it was necessary for many reasons:

  • Far less expensive for actors – also gives them a chance to get a updated headshot and have it printed in time
  • More manageable for auditors – rather than having to deal with different formats, sizes and staples of headshots, auditors will have a simple booklet for each day with easy-to-detach pages, each page 2-sided with a headshot and resume.
  • Less time intensive for TPS – a massive amount of volunteer help is required to help sort headshots and a late actor throws everything into a tailspin.  Following the audition, auditors spend hours alphabetizing the headshots for pickup.  This will give our volunteers more freedom to help actors with the audition process itself.

TPS will print the headshots at medium quality and will also provide high quality pictures to auditors via CD.


TPS has modified the qualifications required to audition in the Unified General Auditions.  We understand it can be disappointing to be deemed unqualified for the UGA but we feel a certain level of experience is needed to truly benefit auditioning at the Generals.

Aside from being a 2011 TPS member, you must also meet one of these requirements to audition in the 2011 UGA:

  • Actor’s Equity Association member (AEA)
  • Equity Membership Candidate (EMC)
  • 4 non-academic stage credits (professional and community theatre OK – self-produced, school, pay-to-play does not count)
  • Spring/Summer College Graduate (BFA/MFA) with 4 stage credits (academic OK) and a letter of recommendation from Department Head

We hope to introduce a less cut-and-dry screening method in 2012.


Last year, we added a ton of content regarding auditioning, monologues used, and auditor/actor comments.  You can check them all out in our newsletter archives: https://newsletter.theatrepugetsound.org/category/theatre-puget-sound/unified-general-auditions/

Thank you again, and please don’t hesitate to contact me with questions or comments.


Shane Regan
Membership/Programs Associate

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