Urgent! Email Mayor McGinn Re Support for Arts & Culture Office

A message from the Washington State Arts Alliance:

Action Alert
Dear Seattle Arts Advocates.

We need your prompt advocacy effort TODAY or TOMORROW.  Wednesday is too late.  Please e-mail Mayor Mike McGinn right away about how important Seattle’s arts and culture programs, artists, organizations and events are to creating and sustaining a vibrant, healthy community for city residents.  He is formulating the City budget and we don’t want the Office of Arts & Culture to take a deeper cut to its budget than any other office.  Please let Mayor McGinn hear from you–if you work in, or appreciate, Seattle’s creative industry, pay taxes, send your children to Seattle schools, live in City neighborhoods, and purchase goods in Seattle.  Let him know that access to arts and culture are important to you and your family.  You can use the message we have formulated below and/or add your own story of how the Office of Arts & Culture has supported you or your organization.

E-mail your message to: mike.mcginn@seattle.gov.

Thank you.

Mary Langholz, Executive Director

Washington State Arts Alliance

Dear Mayor McGinn,

Thank you for supporting arts and culture in Seattle.  We urge you to keep our great cultural life strong in our downtown, neighborhoods and communities.  We know from your campaign that it is your desire to protect the Office of Arts & Culture. We also know that, due to the current budget realities, many offices will be sharing cuts to their budgets.  However, the Office of Arts & Culture is partially funded from admission taxes and should not be required to take more than its fair share of cuts.  We know that you are in agreement that there is a point where it is counter-productive to cut its budget any further.

Here in Seattle, the arts generate more than $330 million in economic activity annually.  Economic benefits: The Arts put people to work; attract tourism revenue; are a business magnet; give industries a competitive edge; enhance property values and create a distinctive brand identity.  Seattle is one of the nation’s top cultural capitals and we don’t want that moniker to slip away.  Civic benefits: The Arts contribute to community vitality; bring public spaces to life; foster civic participation and a strong democracy; are a communications asset; contribute to wellness and healthy aging; and foster community partnerships that ensure a collective efficacy.

We know you are currently faced with challenging budget decisions.  We simply ask that you continue to support the Office of Arts & Culture budget and programs that leverage outside funds, strengthen our communities, and improve the quality of life in Seattle.


If you support high quality arts experiences, artistic freedom, lifelong arts education, arts diversity, a vital and inclusive arts network, and strong public and private investment in the arts – please consider becoming a member of the Washington State Arts Alliance. Together we will continue to create a voice for the arts in Washington State. Join Now!
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