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A few hot topics on the local theatre sites..

Arts organizations in Seattle have complained for years about waning TV coverage. So earlier this year, the 5th Avenue Theatre teamed up with KING 5 TV to craft a solution: Arts groups would start paying for coverage by buying segments on a new daytime talk show called New Day Northwest—segments not labeled as commercials.

Dialogue breeds risk like flowers bloom scent, and risk is the fabric of theatre.  Because two or more people on stage can never know with certainty what an other is about to do, no matter how many times they have done it before, the audience attends the action with a sense of the innate exposure.  “Anything could happen, and we are in the same damned room with these agitated people.”   Risk is not a by-product of drama.  It is the main ingredient.

Lots of great comments underneath the article as well!

  • The Seattle Repertory Theatre is getting some great responses from their question “What responsibility do artists have to respond to war?”

Starting March 31, the opening night of An Iliad, through the close of the show, we at Seattle Rep have invited theatre makers, writers, and artists of different kinds to respond to the question you see in the title of this post: What responsibility do artists have to respond to war?

Responses so far from David A. Tucker II and Sheila Daniels.

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