2010 TPS General Auditions Survey Results: Actors

We received some excellent feedback from actors in this year’s General Auditions.  Recently, Karen took the time to pare down the 16 pages of comments and present them in readable form.  Here are some of the interesting results!

•   61% response rate to the post audition survey
•   54% were brand new to this General Audition
•   94% were from Washington State
•   71% have received interest or callbacks to date

100% of those surveyed said they would recommend this General Audition to others.

Here are the reasons why!

•   I had such an amazing experience it would be selfish of me not to recommend it.
•   It is a good chance to stretch yourself as an actor/performer by auditioning in front of so many people at once. Also, You get to meet people who work in the industry.  Headshots can be a bit pricey, but it depends on where you get them printed, and I would wager to say it is worth it if you are serious about your acting career.
•   Excellent exposure to many different directors and casting directors from all over the region.

71% of survey respondents have received interest or callbacks directly related to the General Audition to date. Here are some examples of success!

•   I have received a few callbacks, mainly for unpaying or minimal paying acting gigs, but all the callbacks I attended were delightful. Word of advice: Try and keep your schedule open the couple of weeks after TPS Auditions.
•   So far, I have had 4 callbacks and several letters of interest. PLUS people I know that were IN the auditions told me of the great job I had done. Wonderful feedback.
•   Received some interest from auditors, nothing I can take so far, but really enjoyed the experience and becoming a member of TPS.
•   I have received callbacks for 3 individual productions, 1 season and 2 agencies.
•   Callbacks for two plays at the Taproot theatre. Thank you!
•   I have received a couple of callbacks from last year’s audition. My goal is to get cast!

Some suggestions for either more information PRIOR to the Audition or ON-SITE:

•   specific location regarding my audition date.
•   I would have liked an additional confirmation of my time slot closer to the audition date – or have the time slot recorded to my profile (under events perhaps).    The confirmation was emailed to me only once, several weeks before the audition. I went looking for the email and it had expired from my email account. I searched all over the tps site, my profile page, but couldn’t find any record of my time slot. Fortunately, I had posted the time to a friend’s facebook wall. That’s how I confirmed my time. I was trying my best not to call you guys.
•   I mentioned earlier in this survey that it would be most helpful to know exactly which organizations, and which people from those organizations, we’re auditioning for.  It makes follow-up much easier and more targeted.  Besides that, I got all the omportant info I needed in advance of the audition.  Thanks!

General feelings on how the Auditions were handled:

•   For the most part, OK. I did find out at the audition site that the auditions weren’t so strict on the 18-bar size of the song. If I’d known that, I could have used a 24-bar chorus that would have better shown my vocal range.
•   Very organized and timely. The TPS staff and volunteers work very hard to provide this event each year and it shows.
•   organized, straighforward, relaxed. No complaints
•   Very well.  This was the third general audition that I attended in as many weeks and it was run very well comparatively.  Good location as well.  Very easy to find and convenient to many other ares of Seattle that I could go explore.  Since I travelled from so far away, it was nice to get a little “fun-time” in as well.
•   Mostly good. I had some trouble with the planning stages. I was given the impression that there was not enough space and I wouldn’t be auditioning, only to find out later that I had just been on a waiting list and that a spot had opened up. I had several friends who received no information until very close to the audition days, leaving them wondering if they should be preparing or not. I also got the impression from the application that the letter from my Department Head was due at any point in the month after I submitted the application, only to find out much later that my application was not considered complete until the letter was received and therefore signing up on the first day didn’t actually matter. Had I known this I would have been much more adamant to my Department Head about getting the letter signed and submitted.

My favorite comment, and probably the most hilarious moment of the generals:

•   Partly my fault (!) but I didn’t realise I would be escorted from the room to the stage.  So I ended up causing much hilarity as I came through a completely different entrance (the actual USR entrance) at the wrong time.  Didn’t cause any harm, and in fact probably made me memorable (!!) but worth knowing that needs to be clearer in future

There was definitely some confusion here as I think he did not realize that after I gave him his “on deck” warning I would be coming back to escort him to the stage.  So he took matters into his own hands and vanished behind the stage before I could find him.  He made it work though; according to a few auditors, his monologues were quite memorable despite the odd entrance.

There are plenty more comments available on Karen’s post on our forums.  Check them out!  LINK

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