Ford Foundation To Give $100M For Arts Spaces

According to the New York Times, The Ford Foundation will announce today the Supporting Diverse Arts Spaces Initiative, a grant program intended to give $100 million over the next decade.  The grants will not only go toward existing art spaces but will also be used to construct new locations.  From the article:

Grant applications seeking money to explore and plan for construction and development will be solicited in a request-for-proposal process to be managed by Leveraging Investments in Creativity, known as LINC, an organization that works to find living and work spaces for artists, among other things, and that keeps a database of arts centers. Members of the Ford Foundation’s staff will vet proposals along with a panel of experts in economic development and urban design and planning, and award grants of up to $100,000.

Locally, the Ford Foundation has previously supported the Wing Luke Museum in their search for a permanent residence.

Ford Foundation website

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