NET’s Ensemble ABC Finance Workshop

This April, NET (Network of Ensemble Theaters) wants to teach you the ABCs of finance with their pseduo-acronymed All-together Building Capacity workshop.  Only $100 (less with subsidy) and includes a flash drive with templates and worksheets!

To promote the sustainability of small and mid-sized arts organizations, the Network of Ensemble Theatres (NET) will kick off the pilot phase of the Ensembles All-together Building Capacity (Ensembles ABC) program with a finance workshop on Sunday, April 25, 2010 at the Canoe Social Club in Seattle, Washington.

Fee is $100 per participant for a day-long session. Limited number of $50 subsidies and discounts available at www.ensembletheatersnet. The Canoe Social Club is located at 409 7th Ave South, Seattle, WA 98104.

The genesis for Ensembles ABC grew out of a year long research period into ensemble needs.  One ensemble member was direct about the challenge of artists taking on administrative duties: “Everyone’s learning on the job – few of us ever trained as arts administrators in any way. It was just the members of the ensemble who had an affinity for, and interest in, doing this work. Or ended up doing it by default — no one else could, or wanted to.” Ensembles ABC seeks to provide a coherent system focused specifically on addressing the learning needs of ensembles.  This program is open to all artists in all disciplines—not solely ensemble theaters.

The finance workshop will offer participants a menu of professional development opportunities that build and strengthen organizational capacity based on the best practices within the field. The finance workshop will cover: basic accounting, budgeting, day-to-day management, A/R, A/P, bookkeeping, cashflow projections, reporting and accountability. The session will be led by artists from ensembles working in the realities of small to mid-size companies. Participants will receive a flash drive that includes templates forms and worksheets and will be eligible to apply for a $300 implementation grant to put knowledge into practice.

Ensembles ABC focuses on expanding ensembles’ organizational fundamentals by tapping existing field experts as mentors and as sources of valuable field-specific wisdom, knowledge and experience, and by creating opportunities for additional peer-to-peer network building and information sharing. The Ensembles ABCs Program is made possible with lead funding from the Doris Duke Charitable Foundation and additional funding by the City of Seattle’s Office of Arts & Cultural Affairs. NET’s programs, activities, and operations also receive generous support from the Ford Foundation, National Endowment for the Arts, individual donors, and dues from our members.

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