Our Volunteers Rock

What a week that was!  Almost 400 actors passed through these fabled halls and valiantly demonstrated their theatrical abilities for 2-3 minutes in front of our supportive group of auditors here in the Center House Theatre.  Everyone involved made a great effort to make the Unified General Auditions run so well; the auditors who keep a positive and supportive attitude through up to 32 hours over 4 days, the actors who spend time and coaching sessions preparing for their 120-180 seconds of performance time, and the TPS Staff for being the glue that holds it all together.

One group I can never say enough about is our volunteers.  With only 3 full-time staff, TPS relies on the help of volunteers in order to provide an event as huge as this.  They help with the refreshment table, they sort and distribute headshots to auditors, they time the auditions, they are everywhere!  They also sort the headshots that are left behind by actors and auditors; this year we had more than 5 boxes full of headshots and they sorted them in alphabetical order by the end of the last day.  What would normally take us 2 weeks after the UGAs was done before TPS even looked at them, all thanks to some extremely organized volunteers.

With that in mind, I highly encourage you to check out the profiles of our volunteers and send them a thank you email – we’d be nowhere without them!

Monday AM: Kate Kraay (Shift Leader), Matt Sexton, Lisa Viertel, Alecha Newbern, Kate Sowell, Patricia Haines-Ainsworth, William Hardyman
Monday PM: Kristin Alexander, Kelley Faulkner, Karen Nelson, Daniel Guttenberg, Monica Wulzen, Agastya Kohli, Patrick Lennon

Tuesday AM: Kate Parker (shift leader), Jenny Schmidt, Patricia Haines-Ainsworth, Tellier Killaby, Emily Kight, Gerald Browning, Jon Nawn, Jesse Putnam
Tuesday PM: Tellier Killaby (shift leader), Gerald Browning, Alyssa Kay, Sue Mullan, Dallas Milholland, German Munoz, Molly Thompson

Wednesday AM: Kate Parker (shift leader), Megan Fox, Daniel Guttenberg, William Hardyman, Karri Hart, Basil Harris, Dallas Milholland, Matt Sexton
Wednesday PM: Ellen Dessler, Joey Gilmore, Karri Hart, Russ Kay, Maggie Lee, Louise Penberthy

Thursday AM: Nicole Fierstein (shift leader), Tara DeCoster, Elizabeth Deutsch, Kennedy Edwards, Gail Harvey
Thursday PM: Katie Joyce, Gail Harvey, Arwen Dewey, Kennedy Edwards, Maggie Lee, Sue Mullan, Devin Rodger

(I may have missed a few last-minute signups, please let me know if I missed you!)

Also thanks to the many people who would have volunteered if I had any room for them.  Even the offer is appreciated.

Volunteer Coordinator

Gail Harvey

Arwen Dewey

Kennedy Edwards

Maggie Lee

Sue M.

Devin Rodger

Abby Stein

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