General Auditions: Acting Tips With Valerie Mamches #5

This week, expert audition and performance coach Valerie Mamches will be giving us some great tips on how to improve next week’s audition at the Unified General Auditions. – Shane

5.  Review your head shots and resumes.  You don’t have to break the bank to present clear photos that look like you and give us your info clearly.   Color is unnecessary, fancy paper, glitzy printing, etc.  Also, most actors leave out valuable info that someone has advised them not to include.   Put your correct contact info on resume –  your info and then if you want, your agent’s.


Valerie Mamches is a Business Affiliate of Theatre Puget Sound.  Core all-media training for young and adult talent; expert performance and auditions coaching; intensives, workshops, industry artists. Career consultation and mentoring; professional packaging; casting and directing services.

Please e-mail Valerie Mamches at for more information.

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