So You Missed Out This Year: A Note To Actors Not Auditioning Next Week

As I mentioned earlier, we had a record number of applicants this year.  In previous years we’ve sometimes even had the luxury of condensing to 3 days; this year we will be jam-packed for four days.

As such, many actors were declined this year.  This may have been due to not having enough experience, or maybe we were just already full when we received your application.  Perhaps you’re at the bottom of the waiting list.  This can be pretty disappointing, especially if you’ve been preparing specifically for this audition.

Please note, however, that the Unified General Auditions are just one of many ways to get out there, and missing a year is really not a big deal.  There are many ways to get your name out to the companies that will be here!

  • Check out our schedule online.  We’ll be publishing online a list of companies attending; many will have contact info as well as the auditors present.   Reach out to them, or check for their own upcoming auditions.
  • Watch our audition database.  Most companies also hold their own auditions for each show, and often advertise it in our audition database.
  • Get your name out there! Keep your TPS profile up-to-date, include pictures and a resume, and keep auditioning!  General Auditions is just one form of name-recognition.  Be active in the community, volunteer at local companies to usher or help out.
  • Prepare for the 2011 Unified General Auditions.  It’s never too early.
    • Continue building your resume; you may have to drive a bit but there are plenty of theaters out there.  Classes and coaching are good as well.
    • Be prepared for the application process.  Apply early!  As we have learned this year, just because applications are due by February 4th does not mean that you should turn it in on the 4th.  We schedule from first applicant received to last, and registration began on January 4th.

So again, don’t fret if you missed out this year.  There truly is always next year.. and hopefully we will see you then.

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