General Auditions: Acting Tips With Valerie Mamches #4

This week, expert audition and performance coach Valerie Mamches will be giving us some great tips on how to improve next week’s audition at the Unified General Auditions. – Shane

4. Break the last-minute-crunch habit.  Junk food provides limited nutrition.  If you can’t find the time to dedicate to your auditions, your professional calling card, you need to seriously re-examine why you want to be a actor.  Professional acting is a craft and art form that develops over your entire life/career.  It’s the long-haul, and you need to keep it going.  What’s the ‘sell by–‘ date on your monologues?

Valerie Mamches is a Business Affiliate of Theatre Puget Sound.  Core all-media training for young and adult talent; expert performance and auditions coaching; intensives, workshops, industry artists. Career consultation and mentoring; professional packaging; casting and directing services.

Please e-mail Valerie Mamches at for more information.

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