TPS Discount: Outrageous Fortune For $5, Free Discussion March 1

As mentioned before, Theatre Development Fund is coming to town on March 1 to discuss their new book, Outrageous Fortune: The Life and Times of the New American Play, an in-depth look at the process of getting a script from paper to the stage.  
Here’s the bio for the book:

outrageous fortune: the life and times of the new american play looks at the lives and livelihoods of American playwrights today and at the realities of new-play production from the perspective of both playwrights and not-for-profit theatres.  The study, drawing on years of comprehensive research, reveals a collaboration in crisis between the people who write plays and those who produce them.  Against a backdrop of dwindling audiences for dramatic work, Outrageous Fortune makes clear the urgent need for new conversations and practices if the American play is to flourish.

We also strongly encourage you to make it to the discussion forum on March 1.  On his blog, Playwright Paul Mullin has done an excellent job explaining how important attendance is from every facet of theatre from playwright to board member to theater critics.  “It is the folks who  do not immediately see themselves as crucial to this debate that I want to convince very much are.”  Mullin is writing more detailed articles for specific theatre groups like Theatre Goers and Stagehands and why they should attend this forum.

TDF Outrageous Fortune Gathering in Seattle
Hosting by Theatre Puget Sound
March 1, 2010, 9am – 1pm
Center House Theatre

Here’s more information on the publication & project, as well as a newsletter article regarding the study.  Please help us spread word about this informational gathering!

Please RSVP to  Please note, TPS membership is not required to attend.
To reserve a copy of the book, please email with a time you can come into the office.

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