General Auditions: Acting Tips With Valerie Mamches #2

This week, expert audition and performance coach Valerie Mamches will be giving us some great tips on how to improve next week’s audition at the Unified General Auditions. – Shane

2.   Quick tricks and contrived, cutesy attention-getter-comments which you add to your intro or closing are a bore, unnecessary, and often scream self consciousness.  Set aside the “stand up” bits, the shtick.  You may get laughs from the auditors, but they may not be laughing with you.  This is not what you want them to remember about you. Get down to business and do your pieces. If they aren’t enough, go back to the drawing board.  Also, nix on the dog and pony show:  You can’t show everything you are in your time slot.  For guidance, re-read Shakespeare’s actors’ laundry list in Hamlet’s speech to the players.

Valerie Mamches is a Business Affiliate of Theatre Puget Sound.  Core all-media training for young and adult talent; expert performance and auditions coaching; intensives, workshops, industry artists. Career consultation and mentoring; professional packaging; casting and directing services.

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