General Auditions: Acting Tips With Valerie Mamches – Tip #1

This week, expert audition and performance coach Valerie Mamches will be giving us some great tips on how to improve next week’s audition at the Unified General Auditions. – Shane

1.  There is NO SUBSTITUTE for adequate preparation. If you don’t know what various kinds of auditions and stages of auditions require, learn and suit up for them, ’cause we expect you to know it.  I hear actors talk about deciding not to audition again for TPS  because they didn’t get enough response out of the last audition. Hello!  Review your process.  Be honest.  Ignorance is no excuse.  Get expert help if you need it.  Invest in yourself:  you ARE the talent!   Also, realize that auditors are looking at you for their immediate and long term needs.  We need and want to see you.  Don’t cop out on yourself.  Don’t let the brief slots you get turn you off or make you feel we don’t care.  We do.  That’s all the time we get to see you, too.  It’s economics and scheduling.  Also, if you delivered a poor audition last time, get back on the bike.  We all do.  No one cares or remembers.  And remember:  Casting is up to those casting.  Your craft is up to you.

Valerie Mamches is a Business Affiliate of Theatre Puget Sound.  Core all-media training for young and adult talent; expert performance and auditions coaching; intensives, workshops, industry artists. Career consultation and mentoring; professional packaging; casting and directing services.

Please e-mail Valerie Mamches at for more information.

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