How Many Plays Did You See Last Year?

I didn’t get a chance to mention this when it was going on, but Kristin Alexander made a very cool post on our messageboard a few weeks ago.  Her goal last year was to see 52 shows, or approximately one show per week.  She made that goal and listed all 52 shows she saw.  Then more TPS members came out of the woodwork and I was quite amazed at a) how much theatre one person can attend in a year and b) how many amazing shows there are in a single year.  Well done also to Alysha Curry, Patrick Lennon, Louise Penberthy and Aya Hasiguchi for also seeing over 40 shows each in 2009.  Agastya Kohli was head and shoulders above everyone else however when he announced and listed 102 plays he saw in 2009.  Wow!  This year, he and Kathy Hsieh have a competition going to see who will see the most shows – Hsieh saw 10 shows in January but Kohli is already at 14 in one month!

What a good time to remind yourself that you need to see more theatre!  There is some amazing stuff going on; try and make a habit of seeing some of it!  In a show?  That’s what industry nights are for!

See the forum post here

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