Taproot Theatre Reopens After Greenwood Fire

Last year, Taproot Theatre sustained heavy smoke and water damage when an arsonist targeted the Greenwood area.  The damage was pretty extensive, the video of a walk-through was heartbreaking.  Taproot was forced to change their Christmas show and move it to a new venue.  Despite the devastation, Taproot has maintained their ideal as a “theater of hope” by doing readings of their original Christmas production as well as going immediately to work in renovating their theater space.

Now, only slightly more than 3 months later, Taproot is set to open C.S. Lewis’ The Great Divorce back at their own theater.  Thanks to the tenacity of Taproot and the support of an entire community the theater can once again let the show go on.

KIROTV: Greenwood’s Taproot Theatre Reopening After Fire
KIROTV: Site of Huge Greenwood Fire Covered by Large Mural
Taproot’s Site

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