Volunteers Needed For TPS General Auditions

Invisible auditorsThe Unified General Auditions are coming soon, and we need your help!  Theatre Puget Sound prides itself on making each day run smoothly for both actors and auditors, and we can’t do it without you.  Up to 6 volunteers are needed per shift to assist in setup, sorting and distributing headshots, welcoming actors, and serving snacks and coffee for auditors.

Please remember that while there may be opportunity to view some auditions, volunteers are first and foremost needed to perform the duties of the jobs at hand and ensure the smooth functioning of the event and positive experience for actors and auditors.

Available shifts:

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Feb 15-18



Priority will be given to those who have volunteered with Theatre Puget Sound in the past.  If you have already emailed or stated willingness to volunteer in your actor application – we will be contacting you directly. Thank You!

To volunteer, email shane@tpsonline.org by Friday, February 5 with your specific availability, as well as how many shifts you are willing to take (if more than one).  And, let us know if you’ve done this for us before (and in what capacity—for example, “runner,” “timer,” etc.)

Please don’t volunteer for the shift that contains your own audition appointment time; it’s awkward.    Volunteering for the other shift that day is fine!

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