Week in Reviews: Electra-fied

Marya Sea Kaminski in "Electra"

Marya Sea Kaminski in "Electra"

The crazy holiday season is over, and theaters are starting back up with non-Christmas shows.  What better time for a greek tragedy?

  • Electra opened at the Seattle Shakespeare Company, and the reviews are astounding.  The Seattle P-I says “I’m willing to bet that in December “Electra” will remain one of the best things we will have seen on Seattle stages in 2010.”  Jerry Kraft at SeattleActor.com calls it a display of “all the competence and experience of an ensemble fullyup to the demands of classical theatre.”  One of my favorite reviews came from Seattle CityArts Magazine in which they thank the actors for the emotion displayed on stage:

    All I have to say, really, is thank you to this cast and production crew. Spending your Friday nights plumbing these difficult roles — and all the embarrassing parts of humanity (selfishness, depression, hatred, wrath); witnessing all that ugliness; pushing yourselves to the ground and clawing through the muck of that stuff we all know but don’t talk about…

    I cannot believe you do that for us.

    Every review mentions the amazing cast and especially Marya Sea Kaminski as Electra.  The Stranger calls her performance “otherworldly—the most harrowing, intense, and awful thing you have ever seen (and are ever likely to see) on its stage.”

  • There was more goodness to be found up at Washington Ensemble Theatre‘s Hunter Gatherers.  The Seattle Weekly wins the simile contest: “Director Desdemona Chiang assembles a cast that attacks this dark comedy with the ferocity of hungry kids at a pie-eating contest.”  The Seattle Times: “There is nothing subtle about the set-up. In 90 minutes, these people will go from allegedly civilized folk to craven jungle beasts in a bloody turf war.”

Also a few mentions for Seattle Playwrights’ Collective‘s Mr. Angelo (“A thoughtful, engaging play well worth seeing.”), Ear to the Ground‘s Not All Clowns are Bozos II: Clown Harder, and Murderers at Olympia Little Theatre.  Check it all out and add your own reviews at SeattlePerforms.com!

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