Week in Reviews: ‘Equivocation’ Not a Turkey

Happy Thanksgiving Eve, everybody!

  • The critics were all sold on Equivocation, the new play at the Seattle Repertory Theatre that was imported directly from the Oregon Shakespeare Festival.  Jay Irwin at Broadwayworld.com was blown away, saying “wow” no more than 70 times in his 6 paragraph review.  Brendan Kiley at The Stranger says “what Shakespeare in Love did for the young, Elizabeth-era Shakespeare, Equivocation might do for the mature, James-era Shakespeare.”  Six other reviewers said similar things, picking only minor flaws while strongly recommending the show itself.
  • Peter Pan opened at the Seattle Children’s Theatre and despite a few grown-up qualms, no one could deny the enjoyment the young ones in the audience had.  Talkin’ Broadway criticized it for the “stock, uninspired direction” but credited the talented cast for lifting the show up.   Much of the positivity went toward David Pichette as Captain Hook; Rosemary Jones (Seattle Theater Examiner) says he “puts the panache back into piracy from his very scene.”
  • Finally, we have Village Theatre’s Meet Me in St. Louis.  As with the other shows this week, the reviews were quite similar in opinion.  While not a heavy piece of work by any means, the light-weightedness of the script and joyfulness of the singers is what appealed to the critics.  Miryam Gordon of Seattle Gay News calls it “a charming message about family-togetherness and trying to make the best of things.”
  • The only other review this week was of Twelfth Night ProductionsThe Diviners.  The Seattle Gay News was quite impressed with their use of a sparse, no-frills set, and also gives a lot of credit to the young lead, Paul Teegarden-Nash.  “(Nash’s) performance evokes not pity, but a saddened sympathy from the audience.”

That’s it! Have a wonderful holiday!

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