Discount Tickets Coming to Seattle

Starting December 1st, Seattle will have the opportunity to purchase half-price tickets to local events through Goldstar.  Goldstar already operates in 8 other major US cities including Los Angeles and New York.

Seattle has had a discount ticket service before; the now-defunct Ticket/Ticket offered half-off day-of tickets to theatres around the area.  Goldstar, while also offering discounted tickets, is an opt-in program that differs in mission which according to their press release is to “grow your patron base and to generate word of mouth for you in segments of the population you don’t ordinarily reach.”  Their website gives members an opportunity to write reviews and fill out demographic surveys so companies can have a better idea of the patrons using the site.

Goldstar is completely free for organizations, with no contract and no obligation.  Theatre Puget Sound Executive Director Karen Zeller Lane had a chance to meet with Goldstar and offered a statement regarding the value to local companies:

Theatre Puget Sound does believe this could be a very positive opportunity for driving new patrons to your venues. We are interested in discussing methods of creating box office processes with you that enable you to develop new relationships with patrons that come to you via Goldstar.

Goldstar has been welcomed by many theaters already, and has over 5,000 Seattle members signed up before they have even started their marketing push.

More information is behind the cut.  For organizations, we are also hosting the press kit and the one sheet press release.

Goldstar is an audience acquisition service that incentivizes members to get out and experience live events by providing them with a 50% off discount.  We market theatre, sports, opera, jazz, pop music, dance, comedy and more to a diverse membership, with the goal of bringing you new audience members. We have more than 900,000 members in major markets nationwide. In Seattle we have just started to build our membership, but already have more than 5,000 members before we even begin our campaigns that combine leveraging our existing membership and successful paid advertising.  Our goal is to grow your patron base and to generate word of mouth for you in segments of the population you don’t ordinarily reach.

Venues and suppliers we work with across the country:

  • · Cirque Du Soleil National
  • · Broadway Across America National
  • · Center Theatre Group in Los Angeles
  • · A.C.T. in San Francisco
  • · Steppenwolf in Chicago
  • · Most major MLB Baseball teams and NBA Basketball teams in our markets
  • · Madison Square Garden in New York
  • · New York City Opera in New York
  • · And literally thousands more large and small organizations of all kinds

First step:

Sign up at so you can explore the site and the current venues we have listed.  Over the years we have expanded to serve 8 major regions across the U.S. They are Los Angeles / Orange County, New York City, San Francisco / San Jose, Chicago, Boston, Las Vegas, Washington DC / Baltimore, and San Diego.  And now we are pleased to be adding Seattle to this list.

Sign-up process:

Once you’re an official Goldstar supplier (simply give us your venue information and we put it in our system), you can decide on a show-by-show basis how many tickets you’d like to allocate to us to sell at a discount (no need to give us seat locations–just the section and the discount for that section). The allocation is fluid. You can see your sales online, in real time, at any time. And, you can give us more, or take unsold tickets back easily.

Goldstar members provide feedback on your events. You can then read the feedback in your supplier center to see what our customers are saying about your event.

On the day of the show, or at a time/day of your choosing, we send you a will-call list of purchasers through our automated system.  You ticket them as you normally would, giving them seat locations.

On the first and the fifteenth of the month, we send you a check for your tickets purchased through our system. We hold back 2% of all sales because of the credit card fees we are charged**.

**Credit Card Hold Back:

Because Goldstar pays credit card fees from all the customer purchases, Goldstar will hold back 2% of all sales sold on Goldstar to help offset these cost.

This service is FREE to use for the organization. There is no contract and no obligation. The Venue Relations Manager for the Seattle area is Missy Yoshitomi. To get started and signed up you may reach her via email at or phone 626.204.3975.

This service works for large and small venues equally. If you have more questions about Goldstar you may also contact CFO and COO, Richard Webster at

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