Week in Reviews: Pre-Thanksgiving Edition

Here you are.. some reviews!

  • More reviews for the Theater Schmeater shows: The Seattle Times enjoyed the actors in At Home at The Zoo, saying they “brilliantly reinforce Albee’s concerns with alienation, loneliness and class differences in the United States.”  The Stranger didn’t really like the new first act but calls The Zoo Story (now the second act) “engulfing,” praising actor Alex Samuels for his “superb and comically tragic timing.”
  • Also at the Schmee is An Oak Tree, and with a different actor every night it was interesting to see how that would affect an article on the show.  While one saw the show with Aimée Bruneau and two others saw it with Terri Weagant, all three writers enjoyed the fresh impulses brought in by an actor who had never read the script.  The Stranger raved about Bruneau, saying “her impulses, which brought her almost to tears in one scene, were her best director.”
  • Stone Soup’s Durang7 received praise in The Seattle Weekly for getting the Durang “pomp, camp, and pathos” just right.  Misha Berson in the Seattle Times agreed, though she found some of the plays to be more entertaining than others.

Quite a few other shows received a mention in the media this week: more for the Seattle Rep’s Opus, Seattle Children’s Peter Pan, Seattle Musical Theater’s Honk!, Crimes of the Heart by Phoenix Theatre, The Nerd down in Olympia, and Macha Monkey’s Nancy, Frank and Joe all up at Seattle Performs!

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