Seattle Foundation Revamps Donation Strategy

Photo by Barbara Kinney

Photo by Barbara Kinney

Norm Rice, CEO of  The Seattle Foundation, thinks it’s time to rethink “charity.”  According to the Seattle Times, Rice hopes to receive millions of smaller donations for the Foundation rather than the hundreds of large donations it now depends on.  The former Seattle mayor hopes to move away from the “passive” donations and involve the general public on a personal basis.  To do this, they plan on revamping their website, allowing the public to more easily see what programs The Seattle Foundation is funding and what programs may interest them the most.

In the interview, Rice also says the dreaded word: “consolidation,”  remarking “some things we’re funding are doing too many things that are alike,” and also suggests the foundation may in the future create a fund to reward merging companies.  The Seattle Foundation funds many different types of organizations so he was not referring directly to artistic organizations.

This announcement is a fairly significant shift in philosophy for The Seattle Foundation, one of the largest community foundations in the country.  It will be interesting to see what changes with an effort to involve more of the general public over courting wealthy donors.  We want to hear your thoughts on this!  So while commenting is not enabled here yet, we’ve put a post on the forums.  So tell us..

What do you think?

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