The Gregory Awards – Quick Recap

What an outstanding night for local theatre!  Having so many artists in one location was pretty inspiring, and Nick Garrison and the Love Markets were fantastic hosts.  Throughout the night, the sentiment most echoed was “why haven’t we done this before?”  Everyone looked beautiful, the speeches were powerful, and the food (catering by The Dreaming Dane) was delicious (and who knew there would be food??)  We’ll have pictures and video soon, but for now here are the recipients of our 2009 Gregory Awards:

Outstanding Actor: Charles Leggett

From the nomination panel: Leggett’s shrewdly understated, yet insightful and complex, portrayal of Shylock led the strong performances which abounded in Seattle Shakespeare’s Merchant of Venice.
From the voters: “Truly one of the handful of best Shakespeare performances I’ve seen in my life.”

Outstanding Actress: Amy Thone

From the nomination panel:

Amy Thone’s cackling performance in New Century’s The Adding Machine was incredible. It incorporated non-traditional movement, vocalization, and characterization, and still packed an emotional wallop.

From the voters:

“Amy Thone deserves recognition as one of the stand-out artists of our town, and I am thankful she is here challenging others to catch up to her. To Thone!”

Outstanding Director: John Langs

From the nomination panel: His direction of The Adding Machine (New Century Theatre) was startling, creative and totally mesmerizing.  Everything worked: set, lighting, sound, costumes.

Testimonial: The Adding Machine was the tightest, most original production I have seen in Seattle in a long, long time. I was just spell-bound.”

Person to Watch: Don Darryl Rivera

From the nomination panel: Mr. Rivera has shown a bold comic sensibility in productions such as The Wizard of Oz at Seattle Children’s Theater.

Testimonial: “His comic timing and sensibility are impeccable, he’s musically gifted, and he’s just waiting for the dramatic role that will blow everybody away with his range. One of my favorite people in all of Seattle.”

Outstanding Production: The Adding Machine (New Century Theatre Company)

From the nomination panel: The stunner of the season: a much-anticipated debut to launch this company in tough times, and it worked.

Testimonial: “The NCTC didn’t step onto the scene, they cannonballed right into the pool, and blew everyone else out of the water. No competition. The bar for Seattle Theatre has just been raised.”

Theatre of the  Year: New Century Theatre Company

From the nomination panel: Only two productions in their inaugural season, but both stunners and an incredibly powerful launch for what promises to be a powerhouse company.

Testimonial: “They are inspiring and what we’d all like to be – smart, technically solid, innovative, disciplined, brave, bold, unflinching, passionate, insatiable, and honest.”

Gregory Falls Sustained Achievement Award: Chris Bennion

Chris was born in Boston, raised in Riverside, Connecticut, completed a 2-year program at the American Academy of Dramatic Arts and went on to graduate from Stanford University.  Margaret Booker, a classmate, invited him to Seattle in 1973 to photograph her new theater, Intiman.  Seattle felt like home, and he’s been here since 1975.  In addition to Intiman, Chris has worked with ACT, Seattle Repertory Theatre, 5th Avenue, Seattle Opera, Empty Space, Book-It, Pacific Northwest Ballet and Alice B.  He has shot several national tours including Proof, Dirty Rotten Scoundrels, Hairspray and Annie. He has also done considerable editorial photography, corporate annual reports and foreign trips for the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.

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