Live Theatre Week: Day 5

It’s weekend time!  Tickets were given away for tonight’s shows at Open Circle Theatre, 5th Avenue Theatre, ACT, Balagan, Artattack, GreenStage, Little Red Studio, and SIS Productions.  Only a few special events tonight:

  • SecondStory Repertory and Bellevue College are putting on a “best of the Eastside” night with Highlight Night of Eastside Theatre.  Featuring some of the finest actors and performances by the actors of SecondStory Rep, plus a workshop for Michael Jackson’s “Thriller” dance.  Sounds awesome.
  • Satori Group is showing Artifacts of Consequence: Workshop Performance, where they will be performing a “workshop showing” of their upcoming play at Theater Schmeater.

Seen any theatre yet this week?  Coming tomorrow.. Target Family Day!

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