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This week’s reviews focus mostly on football, zombies, and one Enchanted month..


  • Runt of the Litter (ACT Theatre) – While the weeklies (Stranger and Seattle Weekly) were not big fans of this solo show featuring former football player Bo Eason, with David Schmader saying “by the end, Eason seems less like a theater-maker than a friendly former athlete doggedly recounting his glory days.” They were in the minority opinion, however, as everyone else had almost nothing but raves for the show.  Letitia Harmon (Seattle Theater Examiner) calls Eason “a phenomenal actor who paces his action well” and the production itself “nearly flawless, with exceptional sound design, great lighting, excellent set, and spot-on directing.” More reviews on Seattle Performs
  • Neighborhood 3: Requisition of Doom (Washington Ensemble Theatre) Misha Berson (Seattle Times) praises the new script for “(keeping) the tension crackling” and also enjoyed the sound design by Brendan Patrick Hogan.  Other reviews like The Stranger’s Brendan Kiley say the show “Meets its ambitions but never exceeds them.” More reviews on Seattle Performs
  • Enchanted April (Taproot Theatre) Miryam Gordon ( calls the cast “uniformly good at what they do” and most of the other reviews agree as well.  Paulina on the TeenTix blog says it was “excellently delivered by the cast, which included strong male and female characters.More reviews on Seattle Performs
  • Mysterious Gifts: Theatre of Iran (Seattle Children’s Theatre) Gianni Truzzi of PostGlobe calls this first cultural exchange between Iran and the US in over 30 years a “terrific achievement” and performance artist Yaser Khaseb “a great emissary for Iran’s arts community.”  Cheryl Murfin (Seattle’s Child Magazine) has even greater praise: “There are no words to adequately describe the power of this piece. Two come to mind, though they seem insubstantial: mind blowing.” More reviews on Seattle Performs

Check out Seattle Performs for more reviews, including Bloody Henry, A Confederacy of Dunces, and the first review of The Rep’s 39 Steps. Right here!

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